View of Angel Island from Tiburon


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Tiburon is unique. Along with our pool, tennis court, private outdoor spaces, EV charging, and amazing views, we are a pet and family friendly community! At your fingertips, you can experience the dog park, walking trails, outstanding restaurants, Angel Island, yacht clubs, sailing, a gorgeous community library, in-town gourmet shopping, wine bars, street fairs, music, and easy access to the ferry. Tiburon is the perfect home base for a lively or relaxing experience.

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EV Charging


Our maintenance staff is always here to assist and will make it a priority to make sure our apartments are in top shape.  We do our best to have the highest quality apartments.

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Shopping and Dining are right around the corner!  You will have everything you need within minutes!



Our apartments and townhomes have all of the amenities you need with the modern finishes you desire.

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Hike, bike, or walk around the area and soak in the beauty.  Hiking trails, dog parks, and stunning scenery right in your backyard.

The Highest Rated Apartments in Tiburon

Luxury apartments are high-end renting spaces that go above and beyond to give more than average levels of comfort, quality, and convenience for tenants. Most people misuse the term to describe any apartment in an attempt to foster a sale. However, an authentic luxury apartment is defined by being in the top 10% of a transaction on the real estate market.


Moreover, the apartment's value is more than four to five million dollars. Still, it can also mean that these living spaces come with additional amenities like tennis courts, pools, covered parking, bowling alleys, and yoga, among others. Tiburon Rentals is an excellent example of high-end living. The living space offers adventure for lively and fun living. Read on to discover how you’ll identify the highest-rated apartments.


Apartments with a Pool

Renting a space that allows you to access the pool area whenever you want is a plus when it comes to convenience. Apart from the recreational side, going swimming is a low-impact workout, which is excellent for people of all ages, even for expectant mothers. You can easily go for a swim anytime you need to work out.


The pool area can recreate a mini-vacation for you and your family members. Bring out snacks, pool toys, and drinks to enjoy them while basking in the sun and get the most out of this experience. The best apartments with a pool in Tiburon are Tiburon Rentals, which have quality maintenance service that assists renters to have the ultimate swimming experience.

Apartments with Tennis Courts in Tiburon

Nothing beats luxurious living like having an accessible tennis court to play on with family and friends. In some way, it will improve your social life as you and your loved ones can plan to have a competitive game while you guys bond. Moreover, playing tennis keeps you fit and allows you to have an active lifestyle.


If you’re thinking of a reason that’ll make you more decisive with regards to apartment renting, then having an accessible tennis court to play at is pretty much an enticing idea. All you require is getting some decent sports shoes, tennis balls, and a racket, and you’re good to go.

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Apartments with an On-site Gym

Many people make New Year resolutions to keep fit and work out more. Most of the highest-rated apartments offer access to a fully equipped gym that can make you work out more. It's all about convenience, and Tiburon Rentals offers just that. You’ll have a chance to work out at your convenience, giving you no reason to procrastinate.


Working out increases your physical activities, which help you maintain a healthy body weight and improve your overall performance. Consistence workouts can trigger the body to accelerate muscle mass and strength growth.

Apartments with Covered Parking

Covered parking is an arrangement that shields your vehicle from external harsh weather or pollen that can easily make them become dirty or damage them. The arrangement can include having a parking garage or carports with a roofing structure. 


Apart from protecting your car from harsh weather conditions, it will also help you to have more time between car washes because your vehicle is not exposed to dirt and UV rays as often. Tiburon Rentals has parking garages or carports that have roofing connected to its apartments. If you’re a car lover who hates getting caught up in the rain and wind, you’ll definitely appreciate an apartment with covered parking in Tiburon.

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Private Outdoor Space

You don’t have to go out to the outdoorsy for hiking or camping to enjoy outdoor eating as you can easily reduce your stress levels and your overall mood by just stepping on your balcony. If you love nature, there’s an opportunity to turn your outdoor space into a garden. Taking your morning coffee on the balcony is the right way to start your day.


As you can see, there’s more you can do in your private outdoor space. Therefore, it's important to look for apartment offerings, such as outdoor space, to help you channel your inner Zen for meditation or a hang-out haven for you and your loved ones. Renting apartments or hometowns in Tiburon will offer you a unique private outdoor space with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Apartments with EV Charging Stations in Tiburon

If you have an electric vehicle, you understand how aggravating it can be to find an EV charging station. It's, therefore, refreshing to move to apartments or townhouses that offer a charging station as an amenity. Having a charging point relieves you of the time and energy you’ll waste looking for a public charging point.


You’ll also not have to deal with the management and owners about the installation process. Moving to The Tiburon Collective will relieve you of all the stress of finding a charging station near you. These apartments offer EV charging stations. How convenient is that?

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Pet Friendly Apartments

Any pet is a lifelong companion and member of the family. Moving can become daunting for people who have furry friends - as some apartments have pet policies that tenants with pets have to abide by. Moreover, some restrict having a pet altogether.


Having an apartment that has your furry friend in mind is always refreshing. At The Tiburon Collective we understand that pets are part of the family and have initiated a park for dog and an area where you can take them for walks. The area ensures that your furry friend is active physically and allows you to have some bonding time with them.

Trust The Tiburon Collective to Offer a Lively and Relaxing Experience

The apartments are located in Tiburon, California, just over the historic Golden Gate Bridge, with exclusive amenities for everyone to enjoy. It gives the ultimate luxury and pristine living. If this is what you’re looking for, renting in this area should be a priority. 


Discover an elegant variety of floor plans we have in store for you. Apply online, or call us today at 415-847-0014 for more information and inquiries about our apartments and townhomes.