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21 Marinero Circle




2 BED / 1.5 BATH


48 lyford drive

2 BED / 1 BATH




Our luxury line includes:

● Wide-plank brushed oak floors

● Sleek design kitchen cabinetry

● Mood recessed lighting

● Granite/quartz countertops and backsplash

● Stainless steel appliance packages

● Bosch washer and dryers

● Sleeping suites with large closet space

● Large outdoor living spaces

Knowing what to expect as you contemplate your move to a new area is never a bad thing. Tiburon, CA is an area you may be looking at buying an apartment in, but you may have concerns about the education system, things to do, and just who your neighbors are.


Below is a compilation of information that should tell you exactly what to expect, so you can be more confident in your eventual decision.

How Much Is It to Rent an Apartment in Tiburon?


You should note that only about 33% of the population in Tiburon are renters. Therefore, the figures are based on what those people are paying. The median figure is $2440. Again, this is a median, so be prepared to pay significantly more or significantly less for Tiburon apartments.

Who Are Your Neighbors?


You have about 9,000 people living in the area. If 33% of the homes are occupied by renters, then it means 67% are occupied by homeowners, which gives you an idea of the kind of people you are going to be living around. 


If you had a lot to worry about, these people would be way keener on using their purchased homes as rental properties, as opposed to living in them themselves.


However, what you're going into is a pretty quiet and relaxing community, which probably explains why the median age is 51 years old. Expect quite the neighborly feel if you are supposed to rent one of the available Tiburon apartments. 

What Kind of Activities Can You Look Forward to?


Some of the most popular activities in Tiburon include trail walking or enjoying a picnic in the park. If you have kids, then you may want to consider taking advantage of a couple of the recreational activities available at the various playgrounds.


Among the most well-known such parks and playgrounds are Terra Kids Outdoor and Dr. Lyford’s Stone Tower.


On the matter of children, note that you are located within proximity to Golden Gate After Hours Pediatric Clinic and Marine Urgent Care, so you are not required to travel too far if you notice that things start to get dicey.

How Good Are the Schools?


The schools provide yet another solid reason for you to consider Tiburon apartments. At the elementary level, eight public schools fall within the A or A+ rating bracket.


Four middle schools achieve the same kind of rating, while five high schools do. Such a good consistency means that you can fully develop your child with the assistance of the public schooling system if you so desire.

Air Quality and Noise Levels

You may be concerned about the air quality or noise levels you have to deal with, as these may affect how comfortable you are living in the area, particularly if you are super noise conscious or sensitive.


While Tiburon is not necessarily are super noisy community, it does have a fairly high walk score, which means like most cities that it can be a little noisy.


As far as air quality goes, Tiburon ranks very well on the Air Quality Index scale, tending to fall below 20 for pollutant PM2.5. However, there have been spikes, such as in 2020 when the same index was sustained above 100 for nine days.

Some Facilities Nearby


Apart from what's in the town, you may want to know what is nearby that you may be able to take advantage of if you were to rent one of the available Tiburon apartments. 


For starters, there is dining, and Tiburon has you covered with a series of options. There’s the Osteria Divino or Quality Tea Company that you can visit to grab a cup of tea or coffee.


Early Bird Tacos or Marin Joe’s are solid options for tacos or burgers, respectively, and Tiburon residents tend to take full advantage of them.


You also have the Rustic Bakery and Noble Cow Creamery for those who may be looking for something on the sweeter side of life. It's not necessarily just restaurants though, as there are grocery stores, more parks, and other facilities that you may find incredibly convenient to have.

Overall, Tiburon comes as a highly recommended community if you're looking for somewhere neighborly and pleasant to settle down. The facilities are great, the people are warm and receptive, and you are conveniently located within proximity to some of what is likely going to constitute your most important needs.